Saturday, August 11, 2012

ode to a jar

I have this wonderful affection for vintage canning Ball brand jars are my favorite. I think that I could design an entire room around these jars and their charming color.

Today we came upon a box of jars at a thrift sale....they are washed, air dried and then will await their next job. Perhaps they will hold pecans like those in my jelly cupboard. Perhaps they will hold cat food for barn cats that visit the porch. Perhaps they will just line a windowsill so the light can reflect through just so.

Vintage canning jars ~ definitely on my top ten list.

1 comment:

sweetvintageofmine said...

I have a few of the blue jars and had them in the cupboard for a long time. I just brought them out a month ago and sat them around in the kitchen! They look very nice. They add a soft punch of color. OLD THINGS are the BEST! You have a nice collection yourself...there is so much to do with them! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

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