Sunday, December 30, 2018

with a smile & a wink

Four tins of pictures...a mix of life.  From dinosaurs in the Dakotas to
our first & only dog - Silver Coin to an untidy row of aunts & uncles
staring at the camera.  And the Easter pictures, rare to find one with me
in it (as below with my mom's hands on my shoulders).  Even then, I
objected to scratchy dresses & floral hats...and was often in tears just
out of camera range.
But my sisters, always smiling at the camera.  My sweet Lori & big
sis, every picture, smiling at the camera.  From their front
row as little Wind girls, to their long hair days in the 1970s...
every photo I pulled from those tins showed my strong, capable sisters
looking life right in the eye and winking.

So, I end 2018 with a rare Kari sighting & a smile & a wink.

I thank my Randi for bringing us back together again on Saturday.
And to my Lori, of course, you will always live on in my heart.

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