Wednesday, May 16, 2018

my potting shed

There is this awesome chicken coop on our property...and since I
am too chicken to raise chickens (not up for the prey that follows),
it has become my potting shed.  This Sunday was my day to get it
cleaned & organized.

In the process we untarped this beauty that has waited too 
long in our barn.  This is an antique Mail Sorter from a 
post office in Wisconsin Dells.  It is big...a good 4 feet across 
and 6 feet tall -- and is one piece AND heavy!  Somehow 
Dave & I got it from the barn to the potting shed and then in
the door (with maybe an inch to spare).  And I now wonder 
why it took so long!

The potting shed has the luxury of size....holding another 
awesome potting bench, two additional tables and a whicker
couch & chair.  And, this is a hard working area of the farm...
I am actually sitting there typing right now from the whicker couch,
having just potted about 10 containers.  

Here is my sweet potting shed...with sunflowers coming up near 
the blue chair.  And, the door faces the pasture, so goats call to me 
while I work and barn cats often pop in for a nap. 💚

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