Sunday, February 12, 2017

I heard the crows call...

I am this odd the Myers-Briggs world, a rare INFJ.
I see a lot of things in metaphor and/or analogy.
In a world that often makes no sense, I will walk into the fire...not afraid to share my opinion, but often will be my own worst critic when I do.

My husband, Dave, is my opposite, my shadow personality.  He doesn't overthink (like me)...but takes action.  In my eyes, he is heroic.  He, too, is a protector.  When we hear the coyote at night...he will just go out and shoot into the air ~~ scattering them from our farm.

The other morning, as I was getting ready for the day ahead, I heard the crows call.  This is
always an ominous sound to me.  There is a good reason a group of crows is called a 
"Murder of Crows".  I watched where they the side of the road between our farm & 
the next.  I assumed they had found a carcass to pick at.  My disdain was obvious as I made
sure to go that way to work.  I promised myself I could even take on crows...fighting back
their selfish greed.  Metaphor.  Analogy.  Thus is the world of an INFJ.  If I can't wrap my 
mind around how exactly we fix the greater good, let me take off after the crows.  I may
just learn a lesson along the way.

Moral of the not let coyote or crows intimidate you.  

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