Saturday, January 19, 2013

here we go...again

In 2006 we began a big undertaking....breathing life back into this 1857 farmhouse. Room by room we traveled on our journey, painting my way into a wrist brace. With the help of Charlie, our Carpenter & Dale, our Electrician.....not to mention roofers, plumbers, heating specialists, floorers & a mason - we toiled.

This winter we begin again - choosing three indoor projects: the upstairs hallway, bathroom and the cold storage over the summer kitchen. We hope to finish one room per month through spring.

There is furniture and my sweet collections displaced into other rooms. Walking through the house in the dark now becomes a "travel at your own risk"!

Dale began Friday readying electrical in the bathroom, Charlie arrives at daybreak to begin work on ceilings.

Here we go again...yea, I think!

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