Thursday, November 29, 2012

sleigh bells ring, are you listening....

With urgency, the holidays have arrived at Meadowview Farm. I am surprised how many hours it takes to "keep it simple" least my definition of Simple! I have tweaked & fluffed and now can sit back & enjoy. Love little sweet vignettes at every turn.

Dave did attempt to put up lights on the outside trees early this morning, sounded a bit like the flurry of profanity from the movie, A Christmas Story. This would be Dave's version ---- with more bark then bite. In the end the lights won--for today.

Below is the first view of Christmas at our farm. **My great brainstorm this year was to only use the top two sections of our artificial tree in an old washtub - love the look. The screen door you see inside near the tree (or as my Ian stated, "why is there a screen door in the dining room?") is original to this 1857 house (that's why).

Are you getting ready with haste?

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