Friday, September 30, 2011

Here we go - again...

I must must must start this post with the fact that
the Barn Sale is right around the corner....
October 8 & 9!
And, all the information you need to know about it
is in the following post -- or under "Barn Sales" to the right.

It is indeed a bright spot on our horizon,
and we look forward to meeting all that attend.

However, part of the here we go again has to do with
the call I got on Thursday afternoon at my office from Dave.
It began with "You had better sit down."

Seems the north winds that were reaching gusts of 40-60 mph on Thursday
took down our gigantic cottonwood tree along our driveway.
Our neighbor, Rodney, saw it literally "blow up" at the midpoint,
scattering enormous limbs everywhere.
County Road R was closed down for several hours as they dealt with debris
and a downed power line.

We will be cleaning up for some time...
those of you that attend the sale will be able to see first hand the
volume and magnitude of this tree--
it was the eagle tree, likely over 100 years old -
one of the tallest vantage points in the area.

Our immediate thanks goes to:
Neighbor Rodney for clearing our driveway before we got home.
Dale, our electrician, who worked from the call he received at 4:45 until 9:45
to restore our power (the tree tore the electrical box right off the house).
My Ian, for hopping in his car & driving home 2.5 hours to help in the aftermath.
Ian's friend, Brad, for working after dark to begin to clear the area around the house.
And the crew from the electrical company who came out against company orders at
9:30 p.m. to restring the power line from the road to the house saying that
 "no farm will be without power overnight."

Yes, here we go - again...

Please do not worry, if you attend the Barn Sale, we will not make you cut wood -
although you are welcome to take a souvenir branch home with you.
(insert tired smile here)


Artful Gathering said...

Sorry about your tree. I hate to see old trees go down. But i am happy no one was hurt or injured. Your lucky to have family and friends to help you clean up the aftermath... I hope to see you at the barn sale. Hugs.... Dawn

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

August 1st our county's largest tree, a cottonwood that hangs over my house, lost a limb. That seems like SUCH an understatement, because that LIMB was enormous. I'll tell you the story if you have time on the 8th. Just wanted to say I'm sympathetic, and also just as impressed for the "crews" that showed up for our "downage", they were also first rate.

Janelle - The Farmer's Wife said...

UGH!!! Been there! It was nasty windy here, too.

Wish I could come to your sale!!! Best of luck with that!

prims by olde lady morgan said...

OMG! So sad about the tree, but thankfully it missed your house!!!!!
STILL so hoping to make your sale while on our girls trip!!!!! to Lacrosse!OLM

Barb said...

I'm so sad about the tree. It is always like losing an old and trusted friend when one goes down. How are you adjusting to the difference in light and shadow?

I don't know if I'll make it to the sale. Our daughter got a job (insert image of a mother, father and daughter dancing a happy dance here) and we are in the process of moving her to Viroqua. Tomorrow we go back down to paint and move one car load. May have to do more next weekend. Anyway...hopefully it will be done and I can still make it. I LOVE the Barn Sale.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Thanks to everyone for your kind wishes...chain saws will be sounding right up until winter to clean this one up. The sheer weight of the falling limbs lodged them deep into the ground, one branch literally tore the electrical box off the house, trouncing a vintage metal wheelbarrow that was under it in the garden. I think we will have to take up chain saw sculpting with the gigantic trunk that still stands :0)


Diane said...

very happy there wasn't more damage to your lovely brick house.
we have a large bass wood tree outside the kitchen window that blossoms and smells so wonderful each summer. can't imagine the yard without it. we lost a very large willow tree quite a few years back in the front corner of the yard and it still seems empty there to me. hope to see you on the 8th. take care .

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