Friday, July 17, 2015

ever more

This is the country road I travel from our farm to my office in Eau Claire.
I have grown to cherish the fields I pass, the barns, the woods...

They are all part of my Township of Otter Creek, and they speak
to me the quiet language of rural life.  There is such a purity in their words.
Even the bales of hay repeat, "live gently on this earth".

And so soon I will sit at the table in our one room town hall, a member of a 
Land Use Committee...and I will help to put the words on paper to
protect this land, to save it for farming for generations to come.  

Although I arrived later in life to this countryside, I believe it had
called to me.  I hope I can find the right words to protect her, to 
sanctify her beauty, to keep her rural roots.  

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