Sunday, April 14, 2013

there's an eagle in our orchard

The day called for antiquing. Winter seemed to be arm wrestling with spring, and by all accounts, was winning. So we got in our little blue car and headed south. By south, Tomah, maybe Oakdale, in our sights. Lunch out, chit chat by phone with Ian as we traveled, and antiquing. Just an hour away, and less snow....appeared that spring had even won in Black River Falls.

Home by supper, still chores to do, still snow on our ground. Plans that had waited all day were getting checked off our list. Finally appeared that perhaps the day would come to a close with a bowl of popcorn, a warm blanket & HGTV as the final to do to be done.

Looking out to the orchard as the popcorn popped, a golden movement in the snow. The neighbor's golden retriever (nemesis to our animals) is heading back to our fenced goats. Dave heads out with snow shovel in hand. That gets settled, popping begins again, and from the kitchen window I see Luna, our sable barn cat, climb up a fence post to check on a bluebird house.....she contentedly sits atop the post between the pasture and the field. Scan back to the orchard to see something distinctly white & black against the snow. "There's an eagle in our orchard"....and a cat atop a nearby post. Dave heads out again. The eagle flies off.

Snow is to blame for it all. That is my conclusion. We (animals included) have all lost patience. Dogs & cats are seeking sport. Eagles are seeking prey easily spotted against the white. And I am thinking about a long extension cord & a blow dryer! And Dave is hoping I stay away from windows until spring truly arrives.

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