Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Only on a Tuesday...

Tonight I was sitting on the deck, pruning the pansies.  There had been this trilling sound coming from the cottonwood tree along the driveway since supper time -- enough to cause a stir in the house cats and to bring Hope, the barn cat over.  I had gone over to the tree once with binoculars in hand (this is one big tree) and figured it was just some baby bird making a new sound I hadn't heard before.

Anyway, as I am sitting out back, minding my own pruning business -- along drives Dave down our driveway -- and there suddenly appears to be little critters under his car.  My first thought:  kittens!!!!  I hollered for him to stop.  Well, they were kits -- but not of the barn variety...rather of the "get into the trash" variety....raccoon babies to be exact.  That was the origin of all that shrilling noise. 

I now understand why raccoons so often end up along the edge of roads -- they have a thing for cars -- and these babes were not coming out from under Dave's car.  They had run out to it and were not leaving this blue "momma".

So, Dave grabbed a long rubber hose to do "some convincing" ... and the next thing I know, he is leading one of the raccoon babies down the driveway back to the tree.  One raccoon remains behind, crying.  I grab a long grape vine I had just pruned from along the back of the house...and led the other baby down the driveway.  Literally we dragged, they followed. 

So, I am not quite as eloquent as Sterling North -- our wonderful Edgerton, Wisconsin author that wrote about a young boy's adventures with Rascal the raccoon.  But perhaps you can get the picture: Dave with a long rubber hose leading a baby raccoon, and me with a long grape vine doing the same thing.  Cross that off my Bucket List.



Elisa and Dusty said...

That is just cute! Your leading coaxing of the raccoons out from under the car is priceless:) ~Elisa

Jani said...

Too cute! A few years ago I found four small raccoons in my apple tree. I called the police to see what I should do. Four squad cars, 1 detective car and a truck later, we had more of a Garrison Keillor moment than Sterling North. I guess they took those black masks really seriously!

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