Wednesday, December 21, 2011

our wish

All is calm, All is bright…

Every now & again -- when the hurry up of life seems to take a toll -- I am reminded that we each have a silent night, holy night within our grasp.

On a recent morning, I found just that. It had snowed the night before, the first snow of the season, the special one, and I was anxious to greet it. Pulling on my boots, coat and mittens, I grabbed my little camera. There was no traffic, only light in the country was from the moon, our farm security light & the twinkle lights decorating several trees. It was so very quiet, I could hear the flap of wing over head. I walked through this fresh snow -- where no tracks had been, careful to disturb as little as I could -- to leave it calm, & pure for the moment. I captured that early untouched hour in my heart -- it would travel with me on busy days.

Often when Dave & I enter our barn at the first or last light of the day, we are greeted by this same pure joy -- it is found in the animals that call it home. It is found in the hundred year old hand hewn wood & beams so high they form a cathedral overhead. It is a sanctuary so exquisite & humble it can mend all hurt and take away that bustle that often fills us up. It is a place we relish and respect and love.

And home…our Meadowview Farm -- has offered such respite. I never understood that I was such a weary traveler until we found this place -- this place that called to us just as we must have called to her. This place that embraces us after a hard day of work and reminds us that we must celebrate and feed the soul & spirit.

So---what we wish for each of you is that you have a sanctuary in your life. Perhaps it is found in the hand of a child, in the knowing smile of an elder, in a kitten curled up in your lap or a dog at your side. Perhaps it is turning the door knob at the end of the day or a special quilt pulled up as you read. It is a place where all is calm, all is bright. It is yours - just yours for that moment, and it reminds you that all is indeed O.K.

We each need this, deserve this -- and sometimes have to find it, again. It is heavenly peace - right here on earth. And it is ours to have.

Blessings this holiday season,

Kari & Dave
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